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Montreal, QC • H2J 1Y2


Montreal, QC • H2J 1Y2

(514) 529-1321




Montreal, QC • H2J 1Y2

(514) 529-1321


1215 Mt-Royal East • (514) 529-1321

1215 Mt-Royal East
(514) 529-1321

Established over ten years ago as the first coffee roaster in Québec to offer only certified fair-trade and organic coffee, Café Rico has become a local landmark in both the Plateau-Mont-Royal and Montréal. Our reputation is a tribute to our passion for top quality, environmentally conscious coffee, and to the immense involvement of our founder in the world of fair-trade.

So whether it be for our large selection of freshly roasted coffees, our organic bulk foods, or for a delicious lunchtime snack with your friends, come in and see for yourself what makes us here at Café Rico so special!

Our Mission

Within the scope of our commitment to fair trade practices and our shared values of solidarity and co-operation, our Mission is based on two major priorities:

  • To further develop our partnership with Southern coffee growers, for instance by sharing profits resulting from the sale of roasted coffee beans.

  • To foster within Café Rico an open and enriching living environment, and to serve as a social and cultural meeting-place dedicated to our suppliers, our team and the community.

Our commitment to fair trade!

As a recognized fair trade leader in Québec, the Café Rico brand guaranties that producers are paid a fair price, often much higher than the minimum set by fair trade certification agencies, such as Transfair Canada. It also means unyielding efforts to promote responsible consumerism and support initiatives dedicated to the preservation of natural resources and the environment.

solidarity links with local producers in Québec

For us here at Café Rico, fair trade also entails weaving solidarity links with local producers here in Québec, and assuring access for urban dwellers to local farm products, thus supporting and strengthening both our local and international community.


All our coffees are organically grown Arabica beans, originating from cooperatives in the fair trade network. As Arabica beans are of higher quality, their price is generally higher on both the conventional market and the fair trade market.

  • Gato negro

    Dark roasted and strong with a floral bouquet and red wine notes. Excellent for espresso.

  • Corsica

    Dark roast. Fruity, lively, full-bodied and strong. Suggested for espresso and turkish-style coffee.

  • Kawa

    Dark roast with malted bouquet. A lively, mild coffee with citrus notes. Excellent for espresso, turkish style and filter coffee.

  • Milan

    Medium-dark. Creamy, chocolatey and mild with an array of aromas. Makes great stovetop espresso and filter coffee.

  • Selva

    Medium roast. Soft crema with red fruit accents. Suggested for espresso and filter coffee.

  • Mestizo

    Medium-dark roast. Our strongest coffee! Great mouthfeel and very full-bodied. Excellent for espresso and filter coffee.

  • Yunga

    Medium-dark roasted with both fruity and nutty notes. Makes a lovely, mild filter coffee.

  • Bahia

    Medium-dark roast, our house espresso blend. Superb caramel bouquet, very creamy and smooth. Excellent for espresso.

  • Fidel

    Medium-dark roast. Floral notes complement this creamy, sweet coffee. Long finish. Makes great espresso.

  • Halles

    Medium-dark roast, floral fragrance with a lively and lingering finish. Great for espresso and stovetop.

  • Viajero

    Medium roast. Nutty and creamy, lively with a clean finish. Great for espresso and filter coffee.

  • L’Africain

    Dark roast, strong, Café Noir pour la Nuit Blanche

  • Gayo

    Medium roast. Very creamy and lively with a malted bouquet. Superb for espresso and café lattes. | Roasted only on TUESDAY

  • Cumbia

    Medium roast. Sweet, smooth and mild. Makes great espresso and filter coffee.

  • Zanzibar

    Medium roast. Very smooth and mild with a full body. Excellent for espresso and filter coffee. | Roasted only on TUESDAY

  • Sheherazade

    Medium roast. Sweet and soft with a gentle liveliness. Makes superb café lattés and cappucinos.

  • Mont-royal

    A mosaic roast of medium and dark. Nutty and creamy, with hazelnut notes and a clean finish. Suggested for espresso and filter coffee.

  • Déca

    Dark roasted, nutty, chocolatey and strong. Decaffeinated by Swiss Water Method.

Local Producers

Fair trade also means the establishment of strong links with Québec’s own producers and supporting environmentally friendly agriculture.

Café Rico proudly encourages local organic farming and serves as an outlet for a number of green farms. Join us in our quest to reduce ecological footprints and extend a helping hand to our own producers here in Québec: mangeons québécois!

Ferme biodynamique Cadet Roussel

Every week, summer or winter, you can pick up your basket of fresh, seasonal vegetables at Café Rico, delivered directly from the farm. Information is available on the web at www.fermecadetroussel.org, or subscribe directly at the start of season by calling (514) 845-8341.

La ferme Le Crépuscule

Buy organic meats or eggs on line at: www.fermelecrepuscule.com and pick up your order at Café Rico, delivered weekly.



Montreal, QC • H2J 1Y2

Montreal, QC
H2J 1Y2

(514) 529.1321

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We are located at 1215 Mont-Royal East (corner of De Laroche) in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Come sample our home-brewed coffee in a warm, friendly atmosphere.